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About Us

Collaborating to protect the information infrastructure that propels the global economy.


Founded in 2000, the mission of the Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) is to grow a diverse community of companies that leverage information technology and have in common a commitment to cybersecurity, and serve as a force-multiplier that enables collaboration and sharing of relevant, actionable cyber threat information, effective security policies, and practices for the benefit of all. The IT-ISAC augments member companies’ internal capabilities by providing them access to curated cyber threat analysis, an intelligence management platform, and a trusted forum to engage with senior analysts from peer companies. The IT-ISAC global membership base consists of leading companies from three critical infrastructure sectors---IT, food and agriculture, and elections. The IT-ISAC is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security and the IT Sector Coordinating Council as the IT sector’s designated information-sharing forum, and has helped industry and government respond to the world’s most significant cyberattacks over the past two decades.

What We Do

The IT-ISAC is the definitive source for security information impacting the IT Sector.  We have established a one-of-its kind forum which assembles some of the brightest minds from the world's leading IT companies to minimize threats, manage risk, and respond to cyber incidents impacting the IT Sector. Members gain and share knowledge, practices and insights through trusted, confidential collaboration.

A Network of Relationships

Our goal is to enhance our members ability to manage risks.  To enable this, we have built a network of relationships with trusted partners from across the critical infrastructure community.  Through this multi-directional information sharing, we improve the security of individual corporate networks and the critical infrastructure community collectively.

The Value of the IT-ISAC

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