Member Benefits

By joining the IT-ISAC, your company will be participating in national and global efforts to strengthen the information infrastructure through effective cyber threat information sharing and analysis, while also providing tangible value to your company. Membership in the IT-ISAC can help your company to manage risks through trusted analysis, collaboration and coordination and drive informed decision making.


Below is a summary of our benefits.  You can download our membership brochure for a more detailed description of benefits.  Our Participation Guide provides more information about IT-ISAC initiatives.

Operations Center

Communications and coordination between the operations centers of member companies and the IT-ISAC team provides members with a trusted point of contact for information sharing prior to and during incidents. 

Knowledge Sharing

Interaction with peers from other member companies, under the IT-ISAC Non Disclosure Agreement, to share and understand non-public details of threats, incidents, effective practices, and vulnerabilities.

Physical Security

Access to incident and response information on non-cyber threats and events such as physical related attacks and natural disasters which may impact the IT sector of a company.