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We will list members' vulnerability disclosure policies below as they become available. Researchers wishing to disclose vulnerabilities should contact the election technology provider directly using the contact information listed at the end of this white paper.

EI-SIG Members' Vulnerability Disclosure Policies


FireWall Chats Episode 10, Pt. 1 - EI-SIG Members Eric Coomer, Sam Derheimer, and Brian Hancock

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Elections Industry-Special Interest Group (EI-SIG) Two Years of Progress

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May You Live in Interesting Times


FireWall Chats Episode 10, Pt. 2 - EI-SIG Members Keir Holeman, Ed Smith, and Chris Wlaschin

Episode 9 - FINAL (6).png

FireWall Chats Episode 8 - Security Researcher and Stanford University Student, Jack Cable

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Elections Industry-Special Interest Group (EI-SIG) Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Program White Paper

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