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The IT-ISAC is proud to partner with the organizations listed below
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Strategic Partnerships with IT Training and Certification Companies

We understand the importance of partnering with leading companies in the IT space-- which is why we
have worked hard to not only grow a trusted network of information sharing but also establish
partnerships that offer additional capabilities and resources to our members.

Part of the IT-ISAC's key value is that we supply companies with the resources to maximize their
cybersecurity spend. We know training employees and retaining skilled personnel is expensive. That's
why we have teamed up with three leaders in IT training and certification: EC-Council, ISACA, and
CompTIA (supporting the CompTIA ISAO).

Thanks to our partnership with these highly-respected organizations, our members receive discounts on
some of their training and certification programs-- helping companies reduce the cost of valuable
training for its employees.

Cybersecurity Researcher Community Program

Through the Cybersecurity Researcher Community Program, the IT-ISAC has individual, strategic partnerships with Bugcrowd, HackerOne, and Synack that enable IT-ISAC members to leverage the capabilities, talent, and knowledge, of the security researcher community. The collaborates with these companies on various thought leadership initiatives, including blog posts, workshops, presentations, and briefings. These partnerships also include discounted services for our members and analytic collaboration. 

Third-Party Risk Management Programs

Third Party Risk Management Providers, Black Kite & Security Scorecard are each offering IT-ISAC Members discounts on select programs. To view each the programs benefits please select down below: 

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