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While not a lobbying organization, the IT-ISAC does engage with global thought leaders on public policy issues relating to cybersecurity generally and information sharing specifically.

The IT-ISAC has issued a set of public comments in response to Federal Register Notices seeking public input. Below are links to the IT-ISAC's comments and the comments of the IT Sector Coordinating Council.


Public Policy




IT Sector Coordinating Council

The IT-ISAC supports advancing cybersecurity through industry-government partnerships. In support of this, the IT-ISAC helped to establish and serves on the Executive Committee of the IT Sector Coordinating Council. The IT Sector Coordinating Council serves as the principal entity for coordinating with the government on a wide range of critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity activities and issues. Through this collaboration, the IT SCC works to facilitate a secure, resilient, and protected global information infrastructure

National Council of ISACs

The IT-ISAC also was a founder of the National Council of ISACs, and the IT-ISAC Executive Director serves as its Vice Chair.  Through the National Council of ISACs, the IT-ISAC has a dedicated and reliable way to share and receive information through the critical infrastructure community and to collaborate with analysts from the partner ISACs. 



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