The IT-ISAC has a diverse membership of software companies, security providers, technology manufacturers and companies that rely on Information Technology for the success of their enterprises.  Although these companies are unique, they all provide value to and receive value from the IT-ISAC.  Below is a sample of what some of our members are saying about us.



“Collaborating through IT-ISAC provides an effective force-multiplier for us.  Learning from each other enables everyone to more quickly adjust strategies and tactics.  Plus, IT-ISAC’s global network of members and partners provides us regular access to sensitive indicators.  These trusted relationships also ensures that the information we share quickly reaches key communities so that they can protect their enterprises as well.”

- Peder Jungck

VP / Chief Technology Officer

BAE Systems Intelligence and Security


“IT-ISAC provides time sensitive indicators and warnings, including malware signatures, malicious IP addresses, and attack tactics and techniques. IT-ISAC information enables us to make informed risk management decisions.”

- Jim O’Conner

Chief Information Security Officer



“Our adversaries are excellent at sharing information on how to break into corporate networks. IT-ISAC is a valuable industry forum for trusted information sharing – it is one of our methods to combat and stop those meaning to harm our networks. The IT-ISAC is the best example of industry collaboration to address cyber risks.”

- Mary Ann Davidson

Chief Security Officer

Oracle Corporation


Member Testimonials


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