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What is the Critical SaaS SIG?


The Critical SaaS (CSaaS) SIG serves as a forum for CSaaS companies to collaborate on a collective defense strategy to improve the security and operational resiliency of their services and share intelligence information with the industry at large. It aims to increase the level of trust that customers can place in their organizations and the SaaS sector.  The CSaaS SIG enables companies who are essential to the internet to share cyber threat intelligence and effective security practices.  It also provides a framework for these companies to collaborate on future security issues.

SIG Membership


Members of the CSaaS SIG provide essential services that a vast array of critical infrastructure operators rely on for core operations. The following companies are founding members of the SIG.

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Secure By Design Comments

The CSaaS SIG has collaboratively authored and submitted comments in response to CISA’s RFI on their recently published Secure by Design Whitepaper. The full comments can be viewed below.

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