IT-ISAC Special Interest Groups 

A core value of IT-ISAC membership is the ability to collaborate with colleagues and subject matter experts from other member companies on common topics. This collaboration is supported by the protection of the IT-ISAC Member Agreement. Being involved in an IT-ISAC special interest group is a great way to engage with peers in other member companies.

Elections Industry-SIG

With a mission to collaborate information and improve the safety of our voting systems, the EI-SCC (Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council) and the IT-ISAC formed a Special Interest Group for companies in the Elections Infrastructure Subsector. The Elections Industry Special Interest Group (EI-SIG) provides a dedicated forum for companies with common lines of business to proactively facilitate and support the sharing of threats (cyber and physical) in a trusted environment and to explore solutions driven by industry needs. This group is led by corporate members, who participate with the same benefits available to other IT-ISAC members. Election companies who are a part of the SIG have valuable peer access to major IT and cybersecurity companies, which helps elevate the cybersecurity posture of their respective companies, and the Elections Subsector as a whole.  

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Food and Agriculture SIG

Food and agriculture companies face the same IT threats as other enterprises, but they also have unique risks and threat actors targeting their specific industry. Our Food and Agriculture Special Interest Group provides a forum for members in the industry to share information on common security threats and collaborate on effective mitigation strategies. The Food and Ag SIG is focused on, but not limited to, examining indicators from persistent adversaries who use multiple attack vectors to achieve their goals and having issue-specific discussions on cybercriminal activity affecting the sector. SIG membership is open to members who operate in the food and agriculture sector. This SIG is unique as it provides an ISAC-like function for companies in the food and agriculture industry while also enabling companies to receive the full benefits of IT-ISAC membership. The SIG is the only cyber-threat information forum for private industry in the Food and Agriculture Sector.

Insider Threat SIG

The IT-ISAC Insider Threat Special Interest Group exists to enable IT-ISAC members to collaborate on how to identify malicious and non-malicious threats within their organizations. The Insider Threat SIG provides a forum where members can share information about tools, processes, technologies and policies used to identify and mitigate insider threats. 

If you are interested in joining the Insider Threat SIG, please contact 

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Security Intelligence SIG

The IT-ISAC Security Intelligence Special Interest Group is focused on bringing together the "APT hunters" from our member companies so that they can exchange ideas, strategies, techniques and information regarding advanced threat detection. It is designed and reserved for member company employees who specialize in identifying advanced threats on their networks. 

If you are interested in joining the Security Intelligence SIG, please contact 

Physical Security SIG

The IT-ISAC Physical Security and Business Continuity Group provides a forum for subject-matter experts from within our membership to discuss physical security and business continuity issues and share effective practices to mitigate or respond to threats. This group provides an efficient way to distribute information we receive on physical security threats and incident reports from natural disasters, accidents, intentional attacks and other matters impacting physical security and business continuity.

If you are interested in joining the Physical Security SIG, please contact